Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2016

Things you shouldn’t do at your office Christmas party

The morning after your office Christmas party – silence when you enter the office? Does your boss request you to have a word? And do your colleagues look at you funny? Do they whisper behind your back? But your memories of the night before are hazy and all you remember is having a really good time… Well, it looks like you’ve made quite a spectacle out of yourself. Office Christmas parties where things get more informal between colleagues and bosses are full of all kinds of traps. If you heed our advice, you can be sure to stay on the safe side!

 Be careful with the way you dress. Your outfit should never be too revealing, but the temperatures outside will definitely take care of that for you. Both women and men shouldn’t unbotton their shirts too much, though. If you and your team go to the party right after work, then you’ll already be wearing the perfect attire – business casual are the words to live by! In case your bosses invited you to a more formal banquet, adjust your outfit accordingly.

Don’t bring any unannounced guests. It’s common sense that you’d like your partner or spouse to attend the event with you. But still don’t do that before making sure beforehand that you are allowed to do so. On the one side, your request is sure to be accepted, on the other the planner will know how many guests to expect to the party.

Never gossip about bosses or colleagues. This should be self-explanatory, but we’ll say it anyway: gossip always comes back to you, may it be sooner or later! It’s best to elegantly keep yourself out of these kinds of conversations and rather check out the food and drinks, but…

Don’t raid the buffet. It’s true that everything is there to be consumed. And you can of course try everything, but please avoid looking like a hungry animal. That won’t leave a good impression. The same applies in case your boss takes the team out for a dinner. Don’t order the most extravagant dish on the menu, as that only shows your true priority – it‘s not spending time with your team, it’s just wanting a good meal.

Don’t drink too much alcohol. There’s really nothing wrong about a drink or two with your colleagues, but the bigger your alcohol intake, the greater are the chances to do something stupid. And you certainly don’t want to be known for your tasteless jokes or your heavy flirting with the other sex.

Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2016

Healthy snacks at work

Spending the day in the office often means sitting for far too long, which, in turn, is bad for your health and your figure. As we’ve seen though, things don’t have to be that way. It’s very easy to integrate a greater amount of movement into your office routine. Another trap that is fairly easy to overlook – your eating. Stress makes us overindulge. And the things we enjoy hunched over our keyboards are either too sweet, too salty or plain too fat. Nevertheless, there is hope, as there are a lot more options than chocolate bars, prepackaged snacks or cafeteria food. Here are our suggestions for healthy snacking.

Raw food. It may not sound overly appealing at first, but bear with us: when the urge to snack strikes every now and then, there are healthier options available than salty chips or peanuts. Why not prepare and have a big bowl with some carrots, cucumbers, radish, celery or any other fresh and tasty vegetables that you might like at the ready? It will have the same calming effect on your psyche as eating crunchy chips, but take a guess which one is healthier…

Muesli. One of the best sources of healthy energy is your muesli. But not every kind is equally good. Prepackaged, brand muesli from the store contains too much sugar, which renders all potential benefits moot. Our advice is to mix your own muesli, according to your own preferences and taste. Start with a base of unsugared cereal and add fresh fruit, milk or yoghurt. Still missing the sweetness? Try spicing it up using some cinnamon or vanilla.

Soft white cheese and fruits. Another good recipe for a snack is mixing fresh fruit and soft white cheese. It’s best to take a low-fat white cheese, but don’t stress about it – the regular one doesn’t really contain that much fat either. Just mix in some apple or banana (or any other fruit combination that suits your taste) and you can forget about the chocolate bar. You’ve just made yourself a much healthier snack. The fruit will give you a vitamin boost, while the cheese, as any dairy product, increases your calcium levels.

Sandwich. The traditional way to combat hungriness between meals is sure to stir up memories about childhood and school. A sandwich is a good option, as long as you pay attention to details. Don’t use white bread, but rather one made out of a multi-cereal dough. Fill your sandwich with grilled chicken or turkey breast, as regular salami is usually high on fat and additives. Don’t use too much butter or margarine either, but rather spread some soft white cheese on your sandwich. Top it all off with some tomato, cucumber or salad leafs and you're ready to go.

Montag, 5. Dezember 2016

Mobbing at work major topic in european countries

Mobbing can happen in almost all areas of life and harm concerned persons not only physically but also psychically. Nowadays the working world is affected dramatically by that problem. The job search engine Jobswype therefore asked its users whether they have ever been a victim of mobbing at work. It turned out that, in most of the countries where Jobswype is active, between 60 to 80 % of the responders have already been or felt like a victim of mobbing at work sometimes or even frequently.

This is shocking, especially considering that a person can hardly avoid mobbing situations when it comes to her working place he or she may be depending on. A common definition of mobbing at work is the one from Einarsen, Hoel, Zapf and Cooper describing it as follows: "Bullying at work means harassing, offending, socially excluding someone or negatively affecting someone’s work tasks. In order for the label bullying (or mobbing) to be applied to a particular activity, interaction or process it has to occur repeatedly and regularly and over a period of time. Mobbing is an escalated process in the course of which the person confronted ends up in an inferior position and becomes the target of systematic negative social acts.” Mobbing at work is typically expressed by gossiping about the concerned person, social isolation (the person is being ignored), the refusal to provide information necessary of the work of the person, insults or even threats.

If a person notices such a behavior towards him or her, this must not be ignored! It requires courage and especially overcoming but in the case of mobbing at work by other employees, the first person who has to be consulted is the chief. For this, it is necessary that the person being bullied provides the chief with concrete facts demonstrating and proving the mobbing by other employees. Afterwards, the chief will have to prove all of this and take care of the situation properly. Should the meeting with the chief not achieve the desired results, meaning the bullying continue to go on, it is the right of the person who is being bullied, to end the employment contract.

3200 users took part in this poll from November 2016.