Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2016

Using the right key words – the key to your application success

It’s not an easy task to find the right words in your application. The pressure, that the candidate is experiencing, is very high, especially if it’s a really coveted or badly needed job. The best advice we can offer is to always write an application that fits the job description. How to accomplish this? Easy – by using the right key words. Read on to find out, what these are and where to find them.

In the interest of keeping it short and simple, key words are basically technical terms, specific to a/ your field of work used by professionals. They also cover the traits and attributes that these professionals should possess. If you ever hear somebody else use them confidently in conversation, you’ll immediately know their chosen field of work. And you’ll also notice, whether they are a true professional or not. That is exactly what happens with a potential employer reading your application. The right key words, sprinkled throughout your phrases at the right moment, show the employer that not only do you possess all the required qualifications, but that you also have considerable experience in your field of work.

If you already have said experience, it shouldn’t be hard for you to pick out the right keywords. But what about those, who are just about to join the workforce or are unsure? We recommend the brainstorming method, involving close ones as well. Start by writing down all qualifications and personal traits that are necessary for the desired job and ask friends and/ or family to take a look at your list and add to it, if they see fit. Ideally, you would also seek the council of a professional already working in the field. Alternatively, read some user profiles on professional networking portals. In them, you can find a lot of key words that you can compare to your own list.

Last, but definitely not least (!), the ad for the open position is not to be forgotten, either. The company has used all the key words, that their recruiters are looking for, in the text of the ad. By doing this, recruiters try to appeal primarily to the required professionals. Read the text carefully and write down all the technical terms, that catch your attention, be they in the job description or the requirements for the candidates.

At long last, one piece of advice – don’t overuse those key words in your application, though! A good application should be intelligible even for laymen. 

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