Montag, 26. September 2016

What is the most important thing for Europeans regarding their jobs?

It can depend on numerous factors whether a person is content with his/her job or not. But what is it that can make the difference between dream job and a rather short employment relationship. The job search engine Jobswype therefore asked its users what mattered the most to them when it came to a job. The results are very interesting!

In the survey, users could choose between the factors „a good working atmosphere”, the salary”, “an interesting activity” and “flexible working hours”. Starting with the factor which is, at least with regard to the other criteria, valued the least important, the interesting activity. This factor however lay only closely behind the “flexible working hours”. The most important factors for the Europeans are a good working atmosphere followed by the salary.

In the comparison with the salary and a good working atmosphere, the working activities itself as well as the flexible working hours are secondary. This can be seen especially in Rumania, where only 8 % of the users stated that an interesting working activity was important for them and not a single person chose “flexible working hours”. In return, about 77 % indicated that a good working climate was important for them and for 15 % the salary was the most important factor. 

The only country where the relation between „working atmosphere and salary“ on one hand and  “interesting activity and flexible working hours” on the other hand was more or less balance, was the United Kingdom. There, the most part of the users (about 43 %) indicated that a good working atmosphere was the most important factor, whereas 17 % chose the interesting activity and 31 % chose the flexible working hours.

The results of this pol show once again how important a good working atmosphere is and that it can definitely be the reason whether a person is happy with his/her job and chooses to stay or would rather somewhere else. An investment in a good working atmosphere on the part of the respective company directors is therefor always a good idea!

3500 users took part in this poll from August 2016

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