Dienstag, 6. September 2016

Beware of these mistakes in your CV

Advice for a convincing CV, part two. You send out numerous applications, but almost never get any answers or invitations for the job interview? Only the standardized we-are-sorry-but-we-can’t-consider-you-for-this-position type e-mails? That’s definitely frustrating, especially since you’ve poured a lot of thought and work into your application, like everybody else, since no one applies just for the fun of it. It might pay off, though, if you’d take a second, objective look at your CV – maybe you’ve made some mistakes after all? Should you find yourself in one of the following scenarios, don’t fret! Now you know what needs to be bettered!

1. Your CV contains obvious spelling mistakes. It happened despite all the care in the world – you just didn’t notice and correct one spelling mistake. What might seem like a minor transgression to you (after all, it’s your qualifications and worth as a professional that should count to your potential employer), might seem a lot more serious to recruiters. They will infer that you are sloppy at your job and like to stay superficial. And no company wants employees like that.

2. Your CV looks unprofessional. Does your CV look like an unshapely and unreadable block of text? Or did you overdo the quirkiness and ended up having a lot of playful fonts and passages in italics? All in service of being different and getting the attention of the recruiter instead of being just another face in the crowd? Well, congratulations! The recruiter did notice your application, but sadly not the way that you’ve intended. To leave a lasting positive impression, try formatting your CV for maximum readability, in a way that shows off all the relevant info about yourself at first glance.

3. You have given little to no practical examples. Measurable, practical results and the successes that you have achieved in your previous positions are just as important as an accurate and all-encompassing list of all your responsibilities. CVs that have both will always leave a better impression.

4. It’s not clear enough, why you are good fit for the open position. Could it be that you didn’t give enough thought to presenting exactly those of your qualifications that are the most relevant for the open position? You could come to regret that, because recruiter very seldomly have or take the time to skim your application for all those details. Thusly, your chances grow exponentially if you pre-select and highlight just the right ones instead of indiscriminately listing all your qualifications.

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