Montag, 20. Juni 2016

A new look for JOBswype

Predating the runway fashion shows in London, Paris, Milan and New York, JOBswype can soon be seen sporting a brand new look. Starting with July, you can search for your dream job on our all new website. To ensure an improved, faster and more seamless experience, we’ve made a few changes. Details below.

JOBswype took the first step towards better readability and therefore an improved user experience as early on as November 2015. Since then, our landing page welcomes you with a modern interface. We kept the layout simple and eliminated all unnecessary bloat. Naturally, all the new features introduced back then (sorting according to job categories, improved search suggestions, similar job names, mobile view on Android and iOS) are here to stay and keep on guaranteeing you the best and most complete search results. We are happy to help our users from ten different EU-countries to find the easiest and fastest way to their new job. For all of them, reading newspaper want-ads, time-intensive online searches, visiting countless job portals and company websites are a thing of the past.

That was not enough for us, though. In order to offer our users the most comfortable experience possible, as well as making sure they are never missing out on any relevant advertised positions, we continually develop and improve our systems and technologies and react to the needs of job seekers. One such improvement is the new layout of our landing page. Minimal and intuitive are two words that perfectly describe the new design philosophy. Users are presented with a brand new interface, where they are able to choose, whether JOBswype displays the job categories as photo or text tiles. Nothing changes about the tried and true JOBswype functions, like saving interesting jobs for later or requesting jobs on email. We feel like with these newest improvements, that are being implemented starting with July 2016, we are one step closer to our goal – offering job seekers the quickest orientation for a seamless and successful job search. 

In February 2016, our job search engine was being used by 1 million users per month.

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