Dienstag, 31. Mai 2016

Love at work – outdated long ago or still contemporary?

Finally it’s getting warm outside! The sun is baking down, the degrees are increasing rapidly and the parks and open-air pools are filled with happy people. You can practically smell them in the air – the spring feelings! But what about romantic feelings at work? Are they a No-Go or maybe the best thing that can happen? JOBswype asked its users in its last poll if they have ever fallen in love at work. The results are presentable!

Most of the JOBswype users in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Rumania indicated with a span from 43%-64%  that they have never fallen in love at work. The other half of the users however indicated that they have indeed fallen in love at work and in some cases it was the love of a lifetime.

About 15% (Slovakia) to 29% (Rumania) of the users indicated that a long-time relationship or even marriage was the result of their romance at the workplace.  For 17% (Germany) to 35% (Slovakia) of the users their spring feelings at work haven’t developed into much more than what it was – namely a romance at the workplace – but still these results show that love at work is still a real thing and not happening that rarely at all. And who wonders? After all, most of the people spend a lot of their time at work and they spend it with like-minded people, since in most of the cases they are interested in the same fields. And let’s be honest: What makes work a more pleasant experience than a little romance? J

JOBswype polled its users in May 2016. 

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