Dienstag, 10. Mai 2016

Gender Pay Gap still an issue in a Europe-wide comparison

According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, women earn 16% less than men in the EU. This phenomenon is called “Gender Pay Gap” and there is hardly anyone who has never heard of it. But what is the personal experience of our users? The recent poll of the Job search engine JOBswype addressed its users in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Rumania with exactly that question. The results were mostly homogenous – the majority of participants answered with a clear ´”no” to the question, if men and women are getting paid equally at their work.

There are many different reasons for that gender-specific imbalance when it comes to salary, but one of the major reasons surely is the parental leave of women, in which the man continues climbing the career ladder whereas women oftentimes only slowly return to working life. And also when it comes to promotions, this could be a possible reason why men oftentimes are favored, regardless of the women’s expertise or other factors. Fortunately, this cannot be said about every enterprise and there are more woman in the position of chief than ever before, but still the gender pay gap seems not to be a thing of the past yet. This can be seen in our survey results in which – apart from the United Kingdom – users of all countries said that men and women were not equally paid at work, regardless their competence. With 43%-62% of users who said so, this still represents an alarming majority which should inspire enterprises to reflect. Expertise and competence should be the only criteria deciding on the salary of an employee. 

JOBswype polled its users in April 2016.

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