Dienstag, 31. Mai 2016

Love at work – outdated long ago or still contemporary?

Finally it’s getting warm outside! The sun is baking down, the degrees are increasing rapidly and the parks and open-air pools are filled with happy people. You can practically smell them in the air – the spring feelings! But what about romantic feelings at work? Are they a No-Go or maybe the best thing that can happen? JOBswype asked its users in its last poll if they have ever fallen in love at work. The results are presentable!

Most of the JOBswype users in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Rumania indicated with a span from 43%-64%  that they have never fallen in love at work. The other half of the users however indicated that they have indeed fallen in love at work and in some cases it was the love of a lifetime.

About 15% (Slovakia) to 29% (Rumania) of the users indicated that a long-time relationship or even marriage was the result of their romance at the workplace.  For 17% (Germany) to 35% (Slovakia) of the users their spring feelings at work haven’t developed into much more than what it was – namely a romance at the workplace – but still these results show that love at work is still a real thing and not happening that rarely at all. And who wonders? After all, most of the people spend a lot of their time at work and they spend it with like-minded people, since in most of the cases they are interested in the same fields. And let’s be honest: What makes work a more pleasant experience than a little romance? J

JOBswype polled its users in May 2016. 

Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016

Avoid stress at the workplace

The fact that stress has a negative influence on employee productivity shouldn’t really be news to anyone. In the worst-case-scenario, stress can lead to health issues and even the dreaded burn-out that renders you unfit to work for an extended period of time. That’s why you should pay attention to the warning signs that your body gives you and try to diminish stress as much as possible. Prevention is key – reason enough for us to give you some pointers about avoiding stress altogether.

1. Prioritize. Are you once again working simultaneously on three different projects? Unsure about which task you should tackle first? You don’t always have an influence on the number of projects assigned to you. Divide each one in smaller steps and establish, which ones of these steps are more important and urgent. Keep this ranking in mind when planning your workday. Multitasking is a sought-after capability, but realistically you can‘t focus all your attention on more than one task at once.

2. Use breaks. They give you the opportunity to move a bit and clear your head. Use these opportunities for relaxation and don’t spend your breaks preparing for the next meeting.

3. Stay healthy. Did you know that fatty and calorie-rich food paired with a lack of exercise can increase stress levels? Don’t shy away from the salad bar during your lunch break and try to eat as healthy as possible and to get enough exercise in your free time as well. Ancient Romans were right when they said: „Mens sana in corpore sano“. Exercise triggers endorphines that will lift your spirits considerably and fast.

4. Manage your time well. Keep your calendar and organizer in check and assign each task the necessary amount of time, so that you experience as little pressure as possible. Time pressure is one of the main culprits when it comes to generating stress. In order to combat the feeling of carrying all the responsibility on your shoulders, appoint a replacement in-house. Should you be away, you don’t have to worry anymore about your projects standing still.

5. Say no. This doesn’t come easy for a lot of people, but you should consciously say „No“ to tasks for which you don’t have the time for or which are simply not your responsibility. This doesn’t turn you into a mean co-worker. Simply offer your help when you do have some time to spare.

6. Don’t neglect your hobbies. People who define themselves solely by their accomplishments at work are a lot more prone to stress when things don’t go according to their plan at the office. Take time for your hobbies, so that you can feel successful and accomplished outside of work as well.

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2016

Gender Pay Gap still an issue in a Europe-wide comparison

According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, women earn 16% less than men in the EU. This phenomenon is called “Gender Pay Gap” and there is hardly anyone who has never heard of it. But what is the personal experience of our users? The recent poll of the Job search engine JOBswype addressed its users in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Rumania with exactly that question. The results were mostly homogenous – the majority of participants answered with a clear ´”no” to the question, if men and women are getting paid equally at their work.

There are many different reasons for that gender-specific imbalance when it comes to salary, but one of the major reasons surely is the parental leave of women, in which the man continues climbing the career ladder whereas women oftentimes only slowly return to working life. And also when it comes to promotions, this could be a possible reason why men oftentimes are favored, regardless of the women’s expertise or other factors. Fortunately, this cannot be said about every enterprise and there are more woman in the position of chief than ever before, but still the gender pay gap seems not to be a thing of the past yet. This can be seen in our survey results in which – apart from the United Kingdom – users of all countries said that men and women were not equally paid at work, regardless their competence. With 43%-62% of users who said so, this still represents an alarming majority which should inspire enterprises to reflect. Expertise and competence should be the only criteria deciding on the salary of an employee. 

JOBswype polled its users in April 2016.

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Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016

How to be convincing during job interviews – Our 7 recommendations

If you have always asked yourself how to be more convincing during job interviews, we have good news for you. It’s not hard at all! You can use some of the tricks employed by good sales- and marketing people. After all, what are you doing if not selling the prospective employer the best of merchandise – yourself. You can‘t go wrong following our recommendations.

1. Prepare for the interview! Nothing makes the conversation run dry faster than being out of good arguments and nothing makes you more nervous than imagining not knowing the answer to the next question. Your conversational partner, on the other hand, mustn’t see you sweating in anguish. Avoid all this by thoroughly preparing for possible questions regarding your personal traits and qualifications and don’t forget to do your research about your potential employer.

2. Be polite! It shouldn’t have to still be said at this point, but people tend to be less and less polite with increasing levels of stress. Show your interviewer that you are able to remember your good manners even under the most stressful of situations.

3. Mind your body language! Take a good look at yourself in the mirror while you imagine and practice going through your job interview. Are your head and shoulders slouched forward or do your gestures betray your nervousness? No problem, you can now change all that. Practice to be perfect.

4. Speak the language of your interviewer! And we don’t mean good command of foreign languages, but something altogether different; have you ever noticed how good salespeople can match the pitch and tone of their voice to those of their customers’? You can do that, too. Does the interviewer talk softly and calmly? Then don‘t get too loud either.

5. Smile with your voice! Whatever you say, always think about smiling while saying it. It will not only relax you, but also make your voice sound a lot warmer and more sympathetic.

6. Mind your talking frequency! Job interviews should not be viewed as opportunities to prove the maximum amount of words you are able to say in one minute to your conversational partner. It should be neither fast, nor slow. Slow talkers seem more competent, but tend to be tiring in the longer run, while fast talkers might go misunderstood. It’s best to vary the frequency of your speech.

7. Be a good listener! Last but not least, be a good listener as well! Nod your head, repeat information when given the opportunity and don’t interrupt the interviewer.