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The most common reasons for being fired

We oftentimes advise you about all the ways in which you can convince potential employers about your qualities and, thus, attain your dream job. But what about those who already have it? They most certainly don‘t want to jeopardize it in any way! Should any of the following sound familiar to you and remind you of your own actions – and we sincerely hope it doesn’t – start changing your ways fast and hope that nobody noticed it yet. This time, we will shed light on the most common reasons for getting fired.

Be honest: did you ever take a pen, a notebook or some other small items from your office and kept it without thinking too much about it? Or did you “borrow“ some stamps from the supplies provided by your employer because otherwise you would have never mailed that particular letter in time? Sure, they sound like small things, but the reality is that you can easily be fired for stealing from your employer. For them, the value of the items is not really the point, but rather the breach in the trust they have placed on you.

Speaking of trust – your employer also trusts that you respect your working hours and don’t miss them without a good reason. After all, the pay you receive at the end of the month covers your contractually agreed working hours. Are you regularly late for work or do you take excessively long lunch breaks? Do you also leave work noticeably sooner than your colleagues? Well, then you shouldn’t be surprised to be out of your job very soon. In case your working hours differ that dramatically from everyone else’s, take our advice and talk to your supervisor as soon as possible and negotiate a new working schedule. Only then will you be safe. Frequent sick leaves are the next red flag for your employer. Everybody gets sick at some point, of course, and in that case it is perfectly fine to stay away from work until you are healthy again. But if you frequently call in for those up to three days, for which you don’t need a doctor’s certificate, well… think again, because you could be on your way out of the company.

Do you make a lot of private calls using your office phone? It’s just as tricky as private surfing on your office computer. If you don’t overdo it, the company will probably keep quiet about it as well. But be sure that your phone and browsing history will be archived somewhere!

At the office, everybody gets fed with something at some point, nevertheless, this should not be a reason to vent during cigarette breaks or on social media, especially not if you use insulting language about your colleagues or superiors. Quite the contrary: it could get you fired! And please don’t turn to alcohol either, at least not in the office! Alcoholism is a good reason to terminate someone’s contract.

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