Montag, 4. April 2016

After work activities

Nowadays in-house solidarity and a good working atmosphere are gaining increasing importance for both large companies and small businesses. This makes perfectly sense since employees who love going to work are more motivated and do as a result work more efficiently. And what is the simplest yet most effective way to increase in-house solidarity and gain a good relationship with your colleagues and/or your boss? Right – after work activities! While colleagues can leisurely gossip about everything and everyone at work, productive changes or other things can be discussed with the boss in a friendly atmosphere.
JOBswype therefore polled its users in all the ten countries, where JOBswyps is active, if they do meet up with their colleagues and/or chiefs outside of the workplace.

Even though there seem to be country-specific preferences concerning the kind of the particular after work activity, it is notable that many employees are still dissociating from closer contact to their colleagues or chiefs. 
Austria is the country, where with overall 42% most of the employees seem to meet their colleagues or chiefs outside of the workplace – preferably for an after-work drink. 
Also in general it is striking that in most of the countries going on a drink seems to be the most popular way to spend time with the colleagues or the chief. 
Only in Rumania doing sports together seems to be preferred in this respect. 
Colleagues rarely go on weekend trips together whereas in Poland with overall 11% this seems to happen most from all the member countries. 
These preferences could be linked to the fact that in most of the cases a closer relationship is preferable for going on a weekend trip together whereas it is not necessary to be very close to each other for having a drink together after work. 
From that we can conclude that the average relationship to our colleagues and chiefs is good, but that really close friendships are rarely build at work.

JOBswype polled its users in March 2016. 

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