Mittwoch, 23. März 2016

How to get an early start and have a successful day

We have already told you the little secret of successful people – they wake up early. It makes perfect sense that they accomplish a lot more having an earlier start than the rest. Nevertheless, it’s not that easy to bring yourself to do that every single morning because there are days when you just want to sleep in. Although there is nothing wrong with that, these days shouldn’t become the norm. Here are our recommendations for an early start in the day!

1. Go to bed early. Your body needs the rest and regeneration during sleep, so sleeping less is not the answer. Try it the other way around and go to bed early!

2. Plan your next day. A productive day starts on the evening before. If you have a clear picture of everything you want and need to accomplish the following day, you can already look forward to it, which in turn motivates you to get out of bed in the morning!

3. Go to bed and wake up at the same time, every day. Have you ever noticed how getting up on Monday morning feels infinitely more difficult and unpleasant after two days of sleeping in? Your body gets used to a certain rhythm. Don’t mess with it too much!

4. Find a nice ringtone for your alarm. You hate the incessant ringing of your mechanical clock? You can say good-bye to that using electronic alarms or your smartphone – why not wake up listening to your favourite song? It will instantly energize you!

5. Get your blood pumping. If possible, let in some fresh air and natural light and exercise. Or take a run outside and fill your lungs with the cold morning air. It doesn’t really matter, what kind of exercise you prefer, as long as you do it as soon as you are out of bed!

6. No hot showers in the morning. You want to start your day feeling energized, not sleepy and ready for bedtime. Not everybody is a fan of cold showers and that’s ok, but it doesn’t mean that your bathroom has to turn into a turkish bath. Shower at body temperature and you are on the safe side!

7. Don’t skip breakfast. In order to be ready to navigate all obstacles thrown in your way during the day, your body needs new energy after the sleep cycle. Don’t make it wait too long!

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