Dienstag, 9. Februar 2016

No answer to your application? This is what you should do!

You’ve sent your applicaton and are now waiting for the company to answer. If you don’t get any, you start panicking and automatically assume the worst: not only is it a „No”, but your application has probably been too bad to even bother with an answer. However, this is not always the case and you still have the possibility to personally ask for feedback. And you should always use it.

We will say it right at the start – not giving a candidate any feedback about their application is extremely unprofessional. Even if candidates are entirely unsuited for the job they applied for, companies should still let them know about the status of their application. A short confirmation of receival, as well as an equally short overview of the recruiting process are common courtesy, as well as a friendly rejection, should it be the case. Candidates are right to criticize the lack of feedback as the main reason behind their frustration with the recruiting process.

Before you outright panic, hold your breath and remind yourself that you are not the only candidate for your dream job. Companies are usually flooded with hundreds of applications for any given open position. Therefore, you should not expect an answer any sooner than two to three weeks, as this is the usual timeframe that it takes HR to sort through all of them. To make their job easier and also in order to make a good first impression, make sure that you followed all the instructions written in the job ad and that your application meets the requirements.

If you still haven’t got any feedback after these two to three weeks and you are still interested in the open position, now would be the right time to be proactive about it. Contact the company personally and ask them about the status of your application. A short email detailing your interest for the position and an acknowledgement of the recruiters‘ workload should do the trick. Keep in mind to not put any pressure on the recruiter, as this could backfire! If you decide to give them a phone call, do it from home and keep your application nearby. If you already are on the white list and the recruiter just hasn’t got around to contact you yet, your interview could be happening over the phone.

The best way to keep calm is, obviously, to apply to more than one job. More applications equals more chances!

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