Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2016

This is why your application was removed from the stack - 8 good reasons

It’s definitely unpleasant, but your application seems to have been removed from the stack of potential candidates and all you’ve got in the end was a message of rejection. Or worse, no response at all, because oftentimes only those candidates that have made it to the interview rounds do get those messages. We can’t tell you the exact reasons, but we can give you a rundown of the most probable ones.

1. Your application lacked the right keywords. Always read the ad carefully and give special attention to the key words therein. These need to be found in your application as well. Keep in mind that recruiters are only human beings after all, and don’t always have more time than an average of 6,5 seconds for each resume, given that on average 250 people apply for an open position.

2. Your email doesn’t sound professional. Or perhaps you know any managers with the handles “Starrystar123“ or “DarkLOrd“?

3. You didn’t meet the requirements. Especially young job candidates tend to apply for positions, that are out of their reach in terms of experience, not theoretical knowledge. But companies are not keen on hiring either under-, or overqualified candidates.

4. You’ve addressed your application to the wrong person. If the ad doesn’t already contain this information, we advise you to always find out, to whom you should address your application. This information is only a phone call away. Even worse that not having an addressee for your application is having the wrong one.

5. Your spelling was wrong. Keep the spellcheck of your favourite office suite activated at all times, because spelling or grammar mistakes can spell doom for your application. This also applies for document formatting.

6. You’ve used the wrong file format for your application. If the ad was specific about any kind of file format required for your application, make sure you choose the right one while saving your documents. Otherwise, you might be left out from the start of the recruitment process.

7. You forgot about your public social media profiles. Do you regularly post party photos that show you in action? At least, don’t make them public, because they are not only mostly unflattering, they might also ruin your chances to get your dream job, should the recruiter find them online.

8. You were late. Occupying a vacant position takes companies about 2 months, counting from the moment the ad was placed, which means, in turn, that the first candidates are interviewed at the latest one month after that. At this point, your application may be already too late.

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