Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2015

8 ways to stay motivated while searching for a new job

Searching for a new job? Then it’s extremely important to stay motivated. Easier said than done, sometimes. To make it easier on you and help you shift your perspective, if necessary, read our little guide featured below!

1. Let your loved ones know about it! Be they friends or family – you are not alone in this, almost everybody has been at some point in your position and can relate to you. And their success stories are going to make you feel better and give you hope for a positive outcome. In any way, their experiences and the lessons gained through them might prove useful to you, so…

2. …talk to them and ask for their opinion! But beware of two specific types: the ones that are frustrated with their job or their job search themselves and the ones who trigger guilt feelings and thus demotivate you.

3. Don’t blame yourself! We live in times of financial crises that impact the job market as well – there aren’t that many open positions to begin with and, as a consequence, the number of potential candidates rises. It’s really not your fault that you can’t find a new job immediately and the reason you get turned down is not necessarily your lack of qualifications.

4. Be aware of your strong points! How did you contribute to the success of your former employer? Remember all the high points and victories in your career so far and count all the qualities that will help you impress your future boss

5. Know exactly what you want in your new job! Whatever the reasons for leaving your former job may be – they are going to help you define exactly what it is that you look for in a new position and what expectations you have from your new employer.

6. Don’t let rejections or the lack of any answer to your application demotivate you! As we have already established at point 3, a rejection doesn’t automatically mean that you don’t have the required qualifications. And if the company you applied to doesn’t grant the candidates at least the courtesy of an answer, they most probably won’t treat their employees with any more respect – and you don’t want to work for that kind of employer, do you?

7. Keep up your regular daily schedule! Just because you temporarily don’t have any binding working hours anymore, doesn’t mean you don’t need any structure in your days. In order to keep up your regular daily schedule, we recommend that you actively look for suitable job openings during the mornings and put your applications together after your “lunch break”.

8. Balance things out with your hobbies! Your former job was not the only thing enriching your life and keeping you busy, so the job hunt shouldn’t become that either. Keep up tending to your hobbies and interests and don’t let the fact that you are currently searching for a new employment define you. This ensures you lose neither your fresh outlook, nor your motivation.

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