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How to ease back into your workflow post-holiday

You've had a great holiday, filled with relaxation, fun and unforgettable memories. Not even once did you think about work, but now, on the last day, reality is catching up. You vow to take good care of yourself from now on and to not let stress take over your worklife again. It sounds good in theory, but practice is a lot harder and sooner or later you'll find yourself overworked again. To slowly ease back into your regular work routine, take a look at our suggestions!

You should start preparing for your first day back at the office even before you start your holiday. Try to finish all tasks that have tight deadlines right after your vacation. This way, you won't have to start already under pressure and you will be able to preserve your new energy for later. After all, post-holiday relaxation should be enjoyed as long as possible!

One way to achieve this is to plan your holiday in a way that allows you to have a buffer-day between returning home and going to the office. Long travel is tiring and on top of that, you will have to reaccustom yourself to your home and probably also do some chores around the house. So why not give yourself the time for that?

If your employer allows it, experts suggest to go back to work in the middle of the week, on a Wednesday or Thursday. Why would that be better than a Monday? Easy: the weekend is just around the corner. Knowing that, you will react much more relaxed to all the new demands. The first few days are going to be tiring anyway, because you aren't used to your daily workflow anymore. Lucky for you, you'll be able to recharge your batteries soon enough!

Another great trick is to use the autoreply function of your choice email client to your advantage: set your return date on your second day back at work. On your first day, you will have enough time to go through your full inbox and work out your priorities, while no one is awaiting your reply yet. Don't forget to spend some time with the colleague(s) who filled in for you and let them bring you up to speed. A small souvenir, a token a token of your appreciation, would surely be highly aprreciated.

As for your own motivation, put your favorite framed photo from your holiday on your desk or any other highly visible place. It will work wonders. And don't worry, it won't be long until your next time off work!

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