Dienstag, 21. Juli 2015

The diplomatic way to resign from your current job

Everything is done – you’ve mastered the application process, negotiated for the best possible salary and working conditions and the contract is ready for your signature. But there’s a catch:  you have to quit your current job. Whether you were happy with it or not, this is most probably not going to be easy.

After all, deciding to give up on your current job and start looking for a new one wasn’t easy either. The reasons for which employees choose to do so haven’t really changed over time. These are mainly the lack of perspectives, over- or under-challenging conditions, unsolved conflicts with colleagues or underpayment. It’s advisable, however, that you try first to find a solution to any of these problems, with your supervisors. A promotion, a raise or a company funded  training, as well as the new responsibilities these bring with them, are usually very good incentives for employee motivation. Ongoing conflicts with colleagues or supervisors are, however, not as easily solvable and, depending on their severity, can be grounds for a resignation.

But, after thorough deliberation, you found a new job, so now you have to let your current employer know. Of course, you have the right to resign anytime, but keep in mind that you might need your current employer’s help in the future, in the form of a recommendation. It’s in your own best interest to leave a good impression.

Talk to your employer as soon as possible and be mindful of the applicable period of notice. If possible, finish all your projects during this period or, at the very least, make sure you pass on all relevant info to your successor. Never mention the amount of your frustration with your current job, even if it may be considerable. Instead, mention that your new position allows you considerable opportunities to grow and evolve. Those are reasons any good employer will understand.

Doing all this, you ensure that you will be pleasantly remembered. And, who knows?... If the right offer comes along, you might be back some time in the future!

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