Dienstag, 14. Juli 2015

How to Recharge During Work

Nothing makes an overworked employee happier than calling it a day and leaving the office in the evening. The break is also surely well-deserved – but you won’t be able to enjoy it if you’re about to fall over from fatigue. Would you like to spend some quality time with your family or going out with friends? Then make sure you have the opportunity to recharge during work.

That may sound odd at first, but if you overtax yourself at your place of work, you’ll be too tired at the end of the day to do much of anything, and your employer won’t benefit from it, either. Zeal and diligence are recommendable, but you’ll only be able to do your job well in the long run if you are in peak form. That takes rest periods during the work day, so don’t hesitate to go on a break if you feel it’s necessary – and make sure you really use that time to relax.

In order to recharge your batteries, you have to interrupt work both physically and mentally. Thus, instead of checking your emails, you should leave your desk for a while, stretch and move around a bit. Get out of the office for a couple of minutes if you have the chance or open the window at least to let in some fresh air. Don’t let your thoughts circle around the tasks you still have to complete – that doesn’t contribute to relaxation in the least.

A coffee break or a joint meal is the perfect opportunity to have a chat with your colleagues. At other times, you may feel more like spending some time alone. In that case, you can also listen to relaxing music or take a newspaper, magazine or book into hand and read for a while to recharge.

Relaxation exercises and techniques also help you to get rid of pent-up stress. Just find a quiet corner where you can sit back in peace and unwind, then close your eyes and take some deep breaths, and you’ll already feel the tension leaving your body. Give it a try! Taking five minutes may already suffice to recharge, and work will go all the more smoothly afterwards. 

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