Dienstag, 28. Juli 2015

10 tips for increased motivation

We've all been there – on some days, nothing seems to work. Losing valuable working time doesn't take away any of our tasks, but it does increase the pressure we feel. We think, this is avoidable! Here are our best tips to increase your motivation and get you started again in no time.

1. Find the reason for your lack of motivation. It's usually something small. Maybe all it takes to make the impression that you are buried in work go away is to simply clear your desk.

2. Visualize the outcome of your task. Think about the contetment you will feel when you'll finish your project.

3. Remember your successes so far. After all, this is not the first difficult task that you had to solve at the office. Don't forget – success is the best motivator!

4. Decide your next step. Your task may be difficult and complicated, but it can be broken down in smaller, easier steps. And these are easier to manage.

5. Plan the next day in advance. Start your schedule with the easy tasks and the feeling of accomplishment that they give you will motivate you for the more difficult ones.

6. For starters, concentrate on your work for five minutes. Most of the time, it will be enough for you to find your usual rhythm.

7. Find a motivated colleague and work side by side. Their motivation will rub off on you.

8. Use your acting talent and pretend to be motivated. You are helping your real motivation to come to the forefront.

9. Read - not only self-help-books, but whatever you like. New ideas will inspire you and speed up your mind and thusly facilitate solution finding.

10. Choose a personal mantra. Don't worry about settling on a corny sentence, as long as it really motivates you!

Good luck!

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