Freitag, 26. Juni 2015

The right way to ask for a raise

Did you find out that your peers earn a better pay than you for doing the same job? Do you dedicate yourself wholly to your work and constantly get good results, yet your salary has stayed the same for years? Maybe you expect a visit from the stork soon? There are lots of reasons why you would want a pay raise. We’ll tell you the best way to ask for it, but also that your net income could increase even while the number on your paycheck stays the same.

Your salary falls under the confidentiality clauses of your contract in most companies, and for good reason. There’s probably nothing else as deadly for the motivation of the common employee as finding out that his or her peer earns more money for the same job. Be sure to prevent this by thoroughly researching the usual salaries for your line of work and education level even before you go to your first interview. But even if the starting salary satisfies you, it doesn’t mean that it must stay the same over the years.

In some companies, automatic yearly pay rises are part of the contract, practically rewarding employees for their loyalty. This is not the norm, though. Smaller, familiy-owned companies, are known for also taking the developments in their employees‘ private lives into consideration, offering raises in the event of marriages or arrival of children. HR managers of bigger companies with hundreds of employees, however, don’t have the same insight into the private lives of these and therefore assume that they are satisfied with their salaries as long as there are no signs to the contrary. But when is he best time to give those signs?

Most companies evaluate their employees yearly. After such an evaluation, does your supervisor tell you that he and the company are just as satisfied with your work as you are? Then, that is the ideal moment to ask for a discussion regarding your salary prospects. Be extremely well prepared for the actual meeting, no matter how positive your evaluation has been. Keep your calm and stay on topic while always highlighting with as many concrete examples as possible all the ways that you are valuable to the company. Ideally, your supervisor will agree with you, but don’t forget that, after all, you are attending a negotiation. And stay flexible, for your net monthly income could still increase, even if your salary stays the same.
You could walk away with a lot of other benefits. If your employer agrees, for example, to cover the cost of your phone contract, your commute or your private health insurance and pension plan, at the end of the month you will still be left with greater savings. Good luck!

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