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How to Hit the Mark with Your Application Letter

Cover letters constitute an important part of job applications. They are the first document personnel managers take in hand in order to get an idea of job seekers. If application letters don’t arouse interest, the whole application will be put aside. Thus, it is of prime importance how you phrase and fashion your cover letter.

Application letters are addressed directly to the recipient. Therefore, using the correct salutation and form of address is vital. The introductory paragraph follows immediately after the greeting. You may score points by formulating it originally instead of choosing boring, impersonal or standardised phrases like “I hereby apply”. Your desire hereof should become apparent when reading the subject of the cover letter. Consider how you can stir up curiosity when you start writing the cover letter. Coming straight to the point and clarifying why you would be an asset for the company is conductive. Furthermore, you can give the application letter a personal touch by stating your enthusiasm. Of course, you may also make mention of phone calls or other kinds of contact with the personnel manager.

First and foremost, cover letters serve one purpose – to state your motivation. Why would you like to work for the company in question? What makes you want to pursue this profession? Tailor your explanations to the requirements of the position you strive for, and detail how you can enrich the company. You should bring up experiences and competences, know-how and interests that are to your advantage, even if they aren’t mentioned explicitly in the employment ad. Nevertheless, caution is advised. Repeating what you state in your CV is redundant and superfluous.

Striking the right note in your application letter is essential. Choosing active verb forms and using comprehensible wording furthers your case. Don’t get off the track and be authentic instead of borrowing a cliché. That will help you to set yourself apart from other applicants. Take time to check your application letter – and also all the other application documents – for mistakes, and be mindful of the text structure and visual aspects. Don’t make the mistake of using the same cover letter for more applications. Personnel managers tend to notice if you don’t bother with adapting it – which impacts your application very negatively.

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