Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2015

Finding the Right Job – The Key to Happiness?

Profession is a crucial factor in the life of each and every working individual. After all, employees spend a significant amount of time at their places of work. Day after day, they go to work and sit at their desks surrounded by their colleagues, completing tasks according to the instructions of their superiors. Thus, it’s only logical that one’s occupation also impacts other areas of his or her life. Yet does that also mean that getting your dream job equals to finding happiness?

Well, that would certainly make things a lot easier. Those who are unhappy would only have to determine what’s important for them and start searching for a post accordingly. Do you aspire after a job with a high chance of promotion or do you rather seek an artistic or academic career? Are income and benefits more relevant to you? Is it the company of nice and helpful co-workers, a good working climate or a boss who values effort and leaves space for personal development what you value most? Go ahead, then, and look for a job that suits you, but don’t expect to automatically attain happiness when you find one.

The factors listed above give you perspective and make everyday work more pleasant. Their lack conversely leads to frustration and discontentment. Thus, professional life influences your emotional state. Being satisfied with your work does contribute to happiness, but there is also more to it.

Your job only constitutes part of your life. How important it is depends strongly on your personality and your value system. All the same, other areas like private life, or family and friends, also have a certain significance. In order to attain absolute happiness, everything has to add up. So don’t focus solely on your job – find a balance instead.

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