Montag, 2. März 2015

Job Application per Post – How to Do it Right?

If you’re hunting for a job or about to apply for the position you strive for, you surely wonder how best to go about it. What does it come down to? One of the determining factors is the decision how you try to obtain the job in question.

Regardless of whether you’ve found the right job advertisement or it’s an unsolicited application you plan to submit, there are three possibilities: you can post your job application dossier, send the necessary documents per email or fill out an online form on the website of the company.

Which way you best choose has to be decided ad hoc. If there are directions in the employment ad referring to this, you should adhere to them – otherwise, your application may be disregarded. If a potential employer provides an online form, you have to apply this way, even if this modus operandi isn’t pointed out specifically. By contrast, if the decision is up to you, you should consider which way of application is preferred in a particular line of work.

Naturally, the pros and cons of an application depend on what form it takes. On the one hand, applications per email are easier, faster and cheaper to send. On the other hand, it’s easier to leaf through printed documents and to size them up at one glance. The optical impressions they make also differ.

In the case of applications per mail, details matter a lot. The documents you post determine if you have a real chance of getting the job. The first impression counts – thus, your letter has to carry sufficient postage and the address must be written legibly on the envelope. If you’d like to appear to be a decent and respectable person, your dossier shan’t be crinkled, or contain spelling mistakes or typing errors. When designing the application documents, you should also keep in mind that they’ll be produced in hard copy. That doesn’t mean they can’t be fashioned inventively – but you should always consider what kind of impression a specific detail conveys.

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