Dienstag, 10. März 2015

Career and Personal Life – How to Balance Both?

Private life and profession shape the life of each and every working person, but whether they affect it positively or not, depends on your ability to reconcile them. By creating an even-keeled balance, you ensure your success, happiness and satisfaction. In contrast, neglecting one of these areas of life leads to frustration and discontent.

Suppose you work overtime in order to finish a project. Next time, you stay longer because you don’t want to forfeit your chance of being promoted, until it slowly but surely becomes a habit or even an expectation. At this point, if you don’t continue to fill in you won’t only jeopardise your advancement but your job as well. Working too hard, however, occurs at the expense of the time you can spend with family and friends. Your job may make it impossible for you to relax and recover, which leads to frustration, fatigue, isolation and even more stress. This in turn impairs your performance. As a consequence, both your career and your personal life are affected negatively.

The opposite is also true, however. If all goes well at home, you do better in your profession. Therefore, the question that arises next is apparent: How can you balance your career and private life effectively? There is no easy answer, if only because each and every situation in life is different, but it’s already helpful if you think ahead. Consider what really matters to you. What kind of sacrifices are you ready to make in order to ensure it? Of course, it’s obvious that concentrating on your career means having less time off, but making sure you still have a private life doesn’t mean you have to give up your profession as such. You just pursue somewhat less ambitions in order to reconcile both areas of life, to strike a real, healthy balance.

There is one more fact that has to be brought to attention: work-life-balance is an ideal that can only be achieved temporarily. Even if you succeed in striking a balance between career and private life momentarily, one unexpected occurrence is enough to turn everything upside down. This, however, is no reason to despair. Occasionally neglecting this or that is not the end of the world. Just make sure it doesn’t happen in the long run.

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