Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2015

Job Application per Email – Be Mindful of Details

In this increasingly digitalized world, applications per email become more and more common. Still, even if you apply for a job this way, you have to use care when compiling and designing the necessary documents, and go over them carefully before you hit the “send” button. The same quality standards apply for email applications as for the ones by post. If you don’t even fulfil these requirements, you most certainly won’t get nearer to getting the job of your dreams.

Job applications of any kind are sent with the same goal in mind: to be selected for the desired position. Accomplishing that depends rather highly on whether your application documents convey an impression of professionalism and competence. This may only be the case if you bear in mind the same minimum quality standards that also apply for postal applications.

Email applications can’t teem with mistakes of any kind. While in the case of applications per post due regard to orthography is advised, in this case, it’s the clerical errors and typos that may be overlooked quite easily without checking your documents twice.

When applying online for a position, job seekers are also faced with other kinds of challenges. Sending your application from a professional email address that should be comprised of your first and last name is of great importance. The next step is phrasing the subject in a way that’s informative and accurate. Recipients should be able to recognise at a glance that the email in question is an application for a certain position and whether it’s in regard to an employment ad.

The text in your email has to be to the point and convincing – otherwise, potential employers won’t bother with taking a look at the attachments. These have to be provided with informative file names. In any case, you should limit the number of documents you enclose to a minimum, and, if possible, send your motivational letter, CV and the necessary certificates as a single PDF document. That way, the formatting will be retained and there shouldn’t be any problems with opening your application papers.

When applying for a job per email it’s also important that you contact the correct person. If the recipients aren’t in charge of hiring personnel, they’ll delete your application with one click. You should also make sure that you include your contact information. If it isn’t clear how to get in touch with you, your email will be discarded without further ado.