Montag, 1. Dezember 2014

How to Prevent Burnout

Would you like to avoid burning yourself out? Find the right balance between work and personal life!

Do you feel tired out and powerless all the time? Are you detached and indifferent? Would you like to isolate yourself from colleagues and people who care about you? Does it seem like you aren’t up to the challenges of your job and can’t achieve anything? Is it easy to drive you up the wall? Are mood swings, lack of motivation and concentration, sleep disorders or even physical symptoms a part of your everyday life? Don’t take these signs lightly! A complete burnout puts your career at risk, may result in losing your job and even jeopardises your health.

The symptoms of burnout usually appear over a long period of time.  As such, it isn’t easy to pinpoint its onset. Because of that, many of those affected don’t immediately realise that there is a problem. Even if this is the case, it’s better late than never, as the proverb has it. What’s important is that you take steps to prevent a full-blown breakdown because ignoring burnout only makes matters worse.

In order to forestall complete emotional, mental and physical exhaustion, you have to change your lifestyle and way of working. It’s imperative to hold on or even take a break so you have time to rebound and think. Ask yourself if you’re really pursuing the right goals. Aren’t your expectations too high where you’re concerned? Don’t isolate yourself from family and friends when telling them about your feeling and worries might help you re-evaluate things. These discussions could also contribute to the process of learning to value your achievements again and strengthen your self-esteem. Bear in mind that you have to find a way to recover from stress. Finding a balance between work and personal life is a step in the right direction since it re-introduces satisfaction and joy into your life. Taking these actions might even make it possible to hold on to your career and stay healthy at the same time.

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