Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2014

Assessment Centre – What Awaits You?

Do you have your eye on a top job? If you can overcome the first hurdles, you might expect an invitation to the assessment centre. You aren’t sure what could lie ahead and how you should prepare for the big day? This is where you can learn more about it.

People who get invited to the assessment centre have already proven themselves in a way. At this point, however, the next challenge in form of a personnel selection procedure is imminent. What you have to be ready for if you are one of those invited is a number of tasks that enable potential employers to determine which applicant is the most suitable for the job. They check in accordance with the selection criteria whether you have the skills and traits necessary for the work in question.

The tasks you face vary depending on which company is offering the job. They may range from introductions and presentations to group exercises and role plays, case studies, written tests and oral appraisal sessions, and enable the jury to analyse your demeanour. Therefore, you have to be able to work focused, fast and efficiently throughout.

You surely wonder how you have to prepare for the assessment centre in order for things to go smoothly. First of all, you should inform yourself in time about what you have to face. Consider which tasks lend themselves to the testing of which skills. Ask yourself what the company puts emphasis on and how you may earn Brownie points. What kind of behaviour is expected? Which qualities do you have to demonstrate? After that, it comes down to training and practice in order to make sure you can really complete the tasks set for you.

On the assessment centre day, you have to be well rested and focused. If you have thoroughly acquainted yourself with the necessary information and know which tasks you may be confronted with, you don’t have any cause for alarm. Stay alert, calm and relaxed! Keep in mind that you’ve already proven yourself – otherwise, you wouldn’t even be present!

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