Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

Job Interview – How to Prepare Correctly

After a tedious search, have you finally found your dreamjob? If you don't want to blow your chance, prepare thoroughly for the interview!

As you may have heard time and again, it is the first impression that counts. Job interviews aren't an exception to this rule. The first conversation with your potential employer is decisive. The good news is that you can do a lot in order to get the much longed-for position or to at least improve your chances. The key to it lies in preparing correctly for the job interview. If you are geared up mentally, you won't even meet with a lot of obstacles, and those you do are going to be much easier to clear.

Inform yourself in advance! In order to be ideally prepared, you have to know who is going to conduct the interview and what the company you'd like to work for deals with exactly. You can only be assured of being on time if you know where exactly the job interview is taking place and thoroughly acquaint yourself with the fastest routes to the location or with the easiest ways to reach it.

Thinking about what kind of job you're applying for is also worth the effort. What are the basic requirements? Which skills and qualities are necessary to do the work? What kind of expectations do future employers have? Finding answers to these questions eliminates unexpected surprises and makes it easier to determine if you really want to submit your application for the post in question. Before you turn up for the interview, you have to be clear on what you expect from the job. What are your salary requirements? Where do you see yourself in five or ten years from now? These kind of questions are also quite popular among potential employers.

Nevertheless, the content isn't the only thing that matters. How you say something also has a key role. Your body language has to emphasize your verbal utterances, which is more often the case if you're self-confident. Visualising the course of the job interview may help to overcome your concerns. Just picture yourself arriving at the interview, think about what you're going to have on you and how you'd like to answer specific questions. Consider which statements would make a good impression, how you could stand out from the crowd. Be honest with yourself but don't hesitate to point out your strenghts. Simulating the job interview at home may also help to put doubts out of the way. Thus, you're well-prepared for the application.