Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

Love at Work

No wonder that we often encounter love in the workplace. After all we spend most of our day at work and see our colleagues more frequently than our friends and family. Opportunities for a flirt are very high at work.

But how do you act properly if you feel butterflies in your stomach when you see a colleague? What do you need to do not to become a gossip topic among colleagues? Obey some rules and your love relationship in the workplace will not lead to conflicts of interest.

Separate private and work life

Speech is silver, silence is gold - the saying goes. You should make your new relationship only public, when you think seriously about future relationship. In the interest of full disclosure you should discuss the relationship with your boss. In many cases you can avoid gossip in the office.
But separate your private life from your professional life: pet names, kissing and holding hands do not belong in office. Do not carry conflicts in your workplace. By this you will loose authority and respect among your peers and get a tense working atmosphere.

Gather with colleagues

Your employer has no right to interfere with your personal life, but the work and the atmosphere in the team may not even suffer from your relationship. Even if you want to spend a lot of time with your partner just do not neglect the other colleagues. If you spend lunch with the staff, it is less likely to be referred to only as "the office-pair". So you will continue to be perceived as an independent person. Sit at the meeting separated between the rows. Keep in mind: there is enough time after work.

Relationship with the boss

It's not easy when your partner has a higher position and he / she learns from business developments earlier than other employees. The problem arises particularly when you get through the relationship infomation your colleagues will not. The best is to maintain silence about internal company.


If the relationship no longer works, you should talk to the ex-partner objectively and professionally how you can handle the separation. In the office you meet every day, the atmosphere during work and the employment relationship may suffer. After a bitter failure you better go separate ways in the job too and think about a change of your workplace.