Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

Heat - 10 tips to stay cool

Summer, sun, sweat: The current heat wave at least in the Alps (that is outstanding) makes office life hard and hot, but you can save the day and to do something cool in the office. Here are 10 tips to escape the heat or at least make life bearable:

1. Choose thin, air-permeable clothing

2. Cool off from time to time - let cold water run over your wrist, it will coll your blood and your body. Even better are food baths in cold water, if your are sitting in the ofice alone. It is a somewhat unusual tip, but very effective against the heat.

3. Usually the windows int an office are equipped with a sunscreen. If it is not yet the case, get one for your windows.

4. A fan makes the heat bearable, regardless of whether you have a large or small private USB table fan in the office.

5. Do you drink enough, but not too much ice cold - best are water and other unsweetened beverages such as homemade iced tea.

6. Try to reduce coffee and cigarette consumption. Alcohol should be avoided, as this removes the body liquid.

7. Eat "light" foods that are easy to digest - salads, fruits and vegetables are best.

8. Start work early and finish sooner - so you can air the office during the cooler hours in the morning and in the afternoon after work you can still enjoy the sun.

9. If the heat is to much you simply have to shift down a gear and do not expect excellence.

10. Turn off the devices that produce heat and are not necessary at the moment.
And last but not least, whatever comes stay coll calm and collected.

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