Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

Heat - 10 tips to stay cool

Summer, sun, sweat: The current heat wave at least in the Alps (that is outstanding) makes office life hard and hot, but you can save the day and to do something cool in the office. Here are 10 tips to escape the heat or at least make life bearable:

1. Choose thin, air-permeable clothing

2. Cool off from time to time - let cold water run over your wrist, it will coll your blood and your body. Even better are food baths in cold water, if your are sitting in the ofice alone. It is a somewhat unusual tip, but very effective against the heat.

3. Usually the windows int an office are equipped with a sunscreen. If it is not yet the case, get one for your windows.

4. A fan makes the heat bearable, regardless of whether you have a large or small private USB table fan in the office.

5. Do you drink enough, but not too much ice cold - best are water and other unsweetened beverages such as homemade iced tea.

6. Try to reduce coffee and cigarette consumption. Alcohol should be avoided, as this removes the body liquid.

7. Eat "light" foods that are easy to digest - salads, fruits and vegetables are best.

8. Start work early and finish sooner - so you can air the office during the cooler hours in the morning and in the afternoon after work you can still enjoy the sun.

9. If the heat is to much you simply have to shift down a gear and do not expect excellence.

10. Turn off the devices that produce heat and are not necessary at the moment.
And last but not least, whatever comes stay coll calm and collected.

Montag, 16. Juni 2014


All over the world people dance to the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. With our new BE HAPPY AT WORK video we would like make a statement how important it is to be happy at work. 

Happiness is not just a matter of luck!

We all strive for happiness and a fulfilled life. Work that is not fun - which is not challenging or on the other causes stress - leads to dissatisfaction and negative stress. The fear of job loss increases, the pressure to perform increases, the individual gets the feeling to work mire and more. Dissatisfaction negatively affects job performance: The one who does not find joy in his job, does not performan - at least not long term.
The perfect job is around as often as a perfect partnership - unfortunately very rarely. This does not mean that you can not be satisfied with your job. You can and you have to work on that! Sometimes self-awareness helps, sometimes a change is necessary.

But you never must give up the hope to get your dream job!

Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

How to apply sucessfully for a job - 10 tips

To search a job is a difficult undertaking for many people. But how to get started with your job search? JOBswype offers you a few specific advices on how to start with you job search. It not only ensure that you quickly find a job, but that you also find one that will satisfy your needs.

1. Plan your application carefully 

The application gives a first impresion to new employer. Depending on that application the employer decides whether you get an invitation for an interview - or not.

2. You should be clear about what you want

Not only money and recognition make you happy in your workplace in the workplace. You have to be clear about what motivates you and satisfies you. You also need to know the environment in which you are most productive and where you can succeed.

3. Get informed in advance

It must be clear to you why you want to work for this company. Try to find out everything about the company through the internet and even through friends. Questions concerning the company will come up during the job interview and you should be well prepared for them. Information about the origin of the company, the corporate culture and environmental awareness can usually be found on the internet.

4. Keep a positive attitude

A negative attitude can hinder the job search, it will leave your best efforts without success. Try to work up your anger to the previous co-workers or boss. Success comes more quickly if you remain hopeful during the entire process, positive and committed.

5. Stay emotionally, spiritually and physically fit

Job rejections can be very stressful, but by mental and physical health, you can cope better with setbacks. Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. You can always find ways of thought to deal with the body and the mind. Exercise your mind constantly.

6. Develop a schedule

Of course you want to find a new and excellent job as soon as possible. How can you focus on that goal? Develop a daily or weekly schedule of the activities of your the job search, and check yourself. E.g. send out out resumes per week, inform yourself about 5 companies and call 5 people from your personal network whether they can help you.

7. CV

Prepare a structured and informative resume. You should have only a single, compelling resume. The takes longer the job search, the more different CVs you use. Of course, you can customize the resume ot the application if it is really necessary.

8. Personal network

The best way to get a new job is through your personal network. Use effort to make real, valuable contacts with people. Different people may play different roles in your job search. Think through what acquaintances, friends have contacts who are good at competitions, or who works in the HR department of a company. Maybe you also know someone in leading position.

9. "Plan B" 

Even after a promising job interview be aware that you have not got the job yet. You should never stop searching and rely that you have the job already fixed. If you feel satisfied now, enthusiastic and happy, take advantage of this good moment to develop and organize new interview your contacts.

10. A glance in the future

Where are you today and how do you envision your career? Compare your status of today with your career prospects. In JOBswype there are many national and international companies who publish their current job postings. Take advantage of this opportunity espacially the Email Alert Service stay up to date about the current free job offers and the your career opportunities.

Good luck at your job search wishes JOBswype!