Dienstag, 13. Mai 2014


JOBswype www.jobswype.co.uk is an independent special purpose search engine for open positions on the Web.

The Jobsearch engine of JOBswype searches through many online Jobportals and gives you a consolidated view of the available joboffers. With one click you can search jobs on many websites and job portals. 
Jobswype allows you to search and access many job portals at the same time. Through this means the chances of finding the right job improves. Through the Email Alert service jobswype, users get informed if an interesting position fitting their skills is available. Jobkralle is a search engine that maps an extensive selection of job offerings by listing job vacancies in one database. We direct traffic to the original job listing website (company websites, recruitment agencies, newspapers, etc.).

Our services:

Registration Platform 

After having successfully registered for JOBswype you get access to administer your profile. You can 
  • administer your Email Alerts 
  • administer your 'My Jobs'

You can access you personal settings (My Jobs, Email Alert) from whatever device (Smart Phone, Tablett, desktop) you are working on So you can browse through job offers on your Smartphone and add to 'My Jobs', your favorite joblist, for further processing, e.g. send a CV from your desktop.

Email Alert

Email Alert is a notify tool, that keeps you up to date of the most recent job offers:
  • You receive the most recent joboffers once a day per Email. 
  • You can manage you personal job search profiles 
  • Subscribe to the service and don't miss any job opportunity

My Jobs 

Mark interesting joboffers with one mouseclick and put them on 'My Jobs', your favorite joblist.
  • Find interesting joboffers easily at a later point of time. 
  • Administer 'My Jobs' from everywhere (desktop, Smartphone, Tablet).

Maps view

We have continuously transformed and improved the site for our users. The radius search is
now even better. Thanks to the maps view, anyone can conveniently obtain an overview in
which jobs are posted. At one look the user sees at location in Austria / Germany or
Switzerland, most jobs are offered and what kind of occupations are sought in what place.
This kind of service will available for Poland too.